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KBear Class Reference

#include <kbear.h>

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Detailed Description

This class is the main class of the KBear application.

This Class is the main class of the KBear application. It sets up the main window and provides a menubar, a toolbar, a statusbar a log view and a transfer view. It's also the manager for all child windows as well as transfers etc.

See also:
Björn Sahlström <kbjorn@users.sourceforge.net>

Definition at line 66 of file kbear.h.

Public Types

enum  {
  Cascade, CascadeMaximized, ExpandVertical, ExpandHorizontal,
  AnodinesTile, PragmasTile, TileVertically, NoMode

Public Slots

virtual void activateNextWin ()
virtual void activatePrevWin ()
virtual void activateView (int index)
virtual void addWindow (QextMdiChildView *pView, QRect rectNormal, int flags=QextMdi::StandardAdd)
virtual void addWindow (QextMdiChildView *pView, QPoint pos, int flags=QextMdi::StandardAdd)
virtual void addWindow (QextMdiChildView *pView, int flags=QextMdi::StandardAdd)
virtual void attachWindow (QextMdiChildView *pWnd, bool bShow=TRUE)
virtual void cascadeMaximized ()
virtual void cascadeWindows ()
virtual void childWindowCloseRequest (QextMdiChildView *pWnd)
virtual void closeActiveView ()
virtual void closeAllViews ()
virtual void closeWindow (QextMdiChildView *pWnd, bool layoutTaskBar=TRUE)
virtual void detachWindow (QextMdiChildView *pWnd, bool bShow=TRUE)
virtual void expandHorizontal ()
virtual void expandVertical ()
virtual void fillWindowMenu ()
virtual void finishChildframeMode ()
virtual void finishTabPageMode ()
virtual void finishToplevelMode ()
virtual void hideViewTaskBar ()
virtual void iconifyAllViews ()
bool isViewTaskBarOn ()
virtual void removeWindowFromMdi (QextMdiChildView *pWnd)
virtual void setEnableMaximizedChildFrmMode (bool bEnable)
virtual void setFrameDecorOfAttachedViews (int frameDecor)
virtual void showViewTaskBar ()
virtual void slot_toggleTaskBar ()
void slotCreateClient (const Connection &)
void slotRunTipOfToday ()
virtual void switchToChildframeMode ()
virtual void switchToTabPageMode ()
virtual void switchToToplevelMode ()
virtual void tileAnodine ()
virtual void tilePragma ()
virtual void tileVertically ()


void childViewIsDetachedNow (QWidget *)
void lastChildFrmClosed ()
void lastChildViewClosed ()
void leftTopLevelMode ()

Public Member Functions

QextMdiChildViewactiveWindow ()
virtual void applyOptions ()
int childFrameModeHeight ()
< QextMdiChildView * > * 
createIterator ()
QSize defaultChildFrmSize ()
void deleteIterator (QextMdiIterator< QextMdiChildView * > *pIt)
virtual bool event (QEvent *e)
virtual bool eventFilter (QObject *obj, QEvent *e)
void fakeSDIApplication ()
void findRootDockWidgets (QList< KDockWidget > *pRootDockWidgetList, QValueList< QRect > *pPositionList)
QextMdiChildViewfindWindow (const QString &caption)
bool isFakingSDIApplication ()
bool isInMaximizedChildFrmMode ()
KParts::PartManager * partManager ()
virtual bool queryClose ()
virtual bool queryExit ()
virtual void setBackgroundColor (const QColor &c)
virtual void setBackgroundPixmap (const QPixmap &pm)
void setDefaultChildFrmSize (const QSize &sz)
virtual void setMenuForSDIModeSysButtons (KMenuBar *=0)
virtual void setMinimumSize (int minw, int minh)
virtual void setSysButtonsAtMenuPosition ()
virtual void setUndockPositioningOffset (QPoint offset)
virtual int taskBarHeight ()
virtual QPopupMenu * taskBarPopup (QextMdiChildView *pWnd, bool bIncludeWindowPopup=false)
TransferQueuetransferQueue ()
bool windowExists (QextMdiChildView *pWnd)
QPopupMenu * windowMenu ()
virtual QPopupMenu * windowPopup (QextMdiChildView *pWnd, bool bIncludeTaskbarPopup=TRUE)
virtual ~KBear ()

Static Public Member Functions

static QString decodePassword (const QString &pass)
static QString email ()
static QString encodedEmail ()
static QString encodePassword (const QString &password)
static int frameDecorOfAttachedViews ()
static QextMdi::MdiMode mdiMode ()
static KBearself ()
static void setEmail (const QString &e)

Protected Slots

virtual void activateView (QextMdiChildView *pWnd)
void createGUI (KParts::Part *part)
void dockMenuItemActivated (int id)
void dragEndTimeOut ()
void popupWindowMenu (QPoint p)
void slotDisconnect ()
void slotOptionsConfigureKeys ()
void slotOptionsConfigureToolbars ()
void slotOptionsSaveOptions ()
void slotOptionsSettings ()
void slotOptionsShowChildInfoBar ()
void slotOptionsShowChildPathToolBar ()
void slotOptionsShowChildStatusBar ()
void slotOptionsShowChildToolBar ()
void slotOptionsShowHelpToolbar ()
void slotOptionsShowLogWindow ()
void slotOptionsShowStatusbar ()
void slotOptionsShowToolbar ()
void slotOptionsShowTransferWindows ()
void slotOptionsShowViewLocal ()
void slotQuickConnect ()
void slotQuit ()
void slotRunWizard ()
void switchOffMaximizeModeForMenu (QextMdiChildFrm *oldChild)
virtual void taskbarButtonRightClicked (QextMdiChildView *pWnd)
void updateSysButtonConnections (QextMdiChildFrm *oldChild, QextMdiChildFrm *newChild)
void windowMenuItemActivated (int id)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void addToolWindow (QWidget *pWnd, KDockWidget::DockPosition pos=KDockWidget::DockNone, QWidget *pTargetWnd=0L, int percent=50, const QString &tabToolTip=0, const QString &tabCaption=0)
void applyMixedSettings ()
void applyViewSettings ()
void applyWindowSettings ()
void blockClearingOfWindowMenu (bool bBlocked)
virtual void createMdiManager ()
virtual void createTaskBar ()
virtual void readProperties (KConfig *)
void readViewSettings ()
virtual void resizeEvent (QResizeEvent *)
virtual void saveProperties (KConfig *)
void setChildFrameMode (unsigned int mode)

Protected Attributes

bool m_bClearingOfWindowMenuBlocked
bool m_bMaximizedChildFrmMode
bool m_bSDIApplication
int m_oldMainFrmHeight
int m_oldMainFrmMaxHeight
int m_oldMainFrmMinHeight
QToolButton * m_pClose
QPixmap * m_pCloseButtonPixmap
QGuardedPtr< KDockWidget > m_pDockbaseAreaOfDocumentViews
QGuardedPtr< KDockWidget > m_pDockbaseOfTabPage
QTimer * m_pDragEndTimer
KMenuBar * m_pMainMenuBar
QPixmap * m_pMinButtonPixmap
QToolButton * m_pMinimize
QPopupMenu * m_pPlacingMenu
QToolButton * m_pRestore
QPixmap * m_pRestoreButtonPixmap
QPopupMenu * m_pTaskBarPopup
QDomDocument * m_pTempDockSession
QToolButton * m_pUndock
QPixmap * m_pUndockButtonPixmap
QPopupMenu * m_pWindowMenu
QPopupMenu * m_pWindowPopup
QList< QextMdiChildView > * m_pWinList
QPoint m_undockPositioningOffset

Static Protected Attributes

static QextMdi::FrameDecor m_frameDecoration = QextMdi::KDE2Look
static QextMdi::MdiMode m_mdiMode = QextMdi::ChildframeMode

Private Slots

void slotApplySettings ()
void slotNewToolbarConfig ()
void slotNewTransfer (Transfer *)
void slotShowSystemTrayIcon (bool show)
void slotStartNextTransfer ()
void slotStartTransfer (Transfer *transfer)
void slotToggleDisconnect ()
void slotToggleShutdown ()
void slotTransferAdded ()
void slotTransfersFinished ()

Private Member Functions

void enableTileActions (bool)
KBearMdiChildViewfindMdiChildViewByName (const QString &name)
QString getMdiChildViewCaption (const QString &caption)
void initDefaultEmail ()
void initViewInfo ()
void initViewLocal ()
void readAllTopChildPositions ()
void readTopChildPositionFromIndex (unsigned int)
void saveTopChildPositions (KConfig *)
void setupActions ()
void setupToolTips ()

Private Attributes

bool m_autoChildFrameMode
unsigned int m_childFrameMode
KActionMenu * m_childViewMenu
QString m_disconnectCommand
bool m_disconnectWhenDone
QPtrList< KAction > m_dockUndockActions
KActionMenu * m_dockUndockMenu
KActionMenu * m_mdiModeMenu
KParts::PartManager * m_partManager
bool m_queueTransfers
bool m_rememberTopLevelChildPos
bool m_saveRunTimeSettings
bool m_shutdownWhenDone
bool m_sysShutdownWhenDone
KActionMenu * m_tileMenu
TransferQueue m_transferQueue
QString m_viewLocalCaption
QPtrList< KAction > m_windowListActions

Static Private Attributes

static QString s_email = QString::null
static KBears_self = 0L


class KBearWizard

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