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KBearFileSysPart Class Reference

#include <kbearfilesyspart.h>

Inheritance diagram for KBearFileSysPart:

KBearChildViewPart KBearPart

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Detailed Description

Björn Sahlström

Definition at line 60 of file kbearfilesyspart.h.

Public Slots

virtual void back ()
virtual void cdUp ()
virtual void forward ()
virtual void home ()
virtual bool openURL (const KURL &url)
virtual void reload ()
virtual void stop ()


void closeMe ()
void dropped (QMimeSource *, const QPoint &)
void logMessage (const QString &)
void transfer (KURLDrag *)

Public Member Functions

virtual Connection connection () const
virtual KURL currentDir ()
virtual bool disconnect ()
 KBearFileSysPart (QWidget *parentWidget, const char *widgetName, QObject *parent, const char *name, const QStringList &lst=QStringList())
virtual void openConnection (const Connection &c)
virtual QPopupMenu * popupMenu ()
virtual void readProperties (KConfig *config, const QString &group)
virtual void saveProperties (KConfig *config, const QString &group)
virtual KURL::List selectedURLs ()
void setDirLister (KBearDirLister *lister)
virtual void showStatusBarLower (bool)
virtual void showStatusBarUpper (bool)
virtual void showToolBarLower (bool)
virtual void showToolBarUpper (bool)
KParts::Part * viewer ()
virtual ~KBearFileSysPart ()

Static Public Member Functions

static KAboutData * createAboutData ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void guiActivateEvent (KParts::GUIActivateEvent *event)
QString normalizeLabel (const QString &lbl)
virtual bool openFile ()
bool validURL (const KURL &)

Protected Attributes

Connection m_connection
KParts::ReadOnlyPart * m_partViewer
QHBox * m_statusBarLower
QLabel * m_statusBarUpper
KToolBar * m_toolBarLower
KToolBar * m_toolBarUpper

Private Slots

void activatedMenu (const KFileItem *, const QPoint &pos)
void mkdir ()
void reconnect ()
void resetCursor ()
void showFileView ()
void slotClear ()
void slotClearSelection ()
void slotClearStatusBar ()
void slotClearSynch ()
void slotClipboardDataChanged ()
void slotConnected ()
void slotConnectResult (int ERR)
void slotCopy ()
void slotCut ()
void slotDelete ()
void slotDeleteFinished ()
void slotDeleteItem (KFileItem *item)
void slotDetailedView ()
void slotDirSelected (const KFileItem *item)
void slotEnableGUI (const QString &, bool)
void slotFileSelected (const KFileItem *item)
void slotFilterChanged (const QString &)
void slotFind ()
virtual void slotFinishedLoading ()
void slotGotPreviewPart (KParts::ReadOnlyPart *, const KURL &realURL)
void slotInfoMessage (KIO::Job *, const QString &)
void slotInfoMessage (const QString &)
void slotInvertSelection ()
void slotJobStarted (KIO::Job *)
void slotNewItems (const KFileItemList &newone)
void slotNewSynch ()
void slotOpen ()
void slotOpenDir (const KFileItem *item)
void slotOpenFile (const KFileItem *item)
void slotOpenWith ()
void slotOpenWithService (int)
void slotPaste ()
void slotPathActivated (int item)
void slotProgress (KIO::Job *, unsigned long percent)
void slotProgress (int percent)
void slotProperties ()
void slotRedirected (const KURL &newURL)
void slotSelectAll ()
void slotSelectionChanged ()
void slotSetupPopupMenu ()
void slotSetupViewMenu ()
void slotSetWindowCaption (const QString &)
void slotShowProgress ()
void slotShred ()
void slotSimpleView ()
void slotSortByDate ()
void slotSortByName ()
void slotSortBySize ()
void slotSortReversed ()
void slotSpeed (KIO::Job *, unsigned long)
void slotSpeed (int speed)
virtual void slotStartLoading ()
void slotStatusMessage (const QString &)
void slotSynch (const QString &localPath, const QString &remotePath)
void slotSynch ()
void slotToggleDirsFirst ()
void slotToggleHidden (bool)
void slotToggleIgnoreCase ()
void slotToggleTreeView (bool)
void slotUpdateDirsAndFiles (int dirs, int files)
void slotUpdateTime ()
void slotViewActionAdded (KAction *)
void slotViewActionRemoved (KAction *)
void slotViewSortingChanged (QDir::SortSpec sort)
void updateSynchList ()

Private Member Functions

void addToHistory (const KURL &url)
void addToPathHistory (const QString &path)
void cleanUpPartViewer ()
void clearHistory ()
void connectDirlister ()
void connectView (KFileView *)
KFileView * createView (QWidget *parent, KFile::FileView view)
void deleteFiles (const KFileItemList *items, bool shred)
void doCutCopy (bool cut)
void enableGUI (bool)
bool isRoot () const
void pathChanged ()
void setActionsEnabled (bool)
void setDir (const KURL &url)
void setSorting (QDir::SortSpec)
void setup ()
void setupActions ()
int setupOpenWithMenu ()
void setView (KFile::FileView view)
void updateSortActions ()
void updateViewActions ()

Private Attributes

KActionMenu * actionMenu
KActionSeparator * actionSeparator
KAction * backAction
KRadioAction * byDateAction
KRadioAction * byNameAction
KRadioAction * bySizeAction
KToggleAction * caseInsensitiveAction
KAction * deleteAction
KRadioAction * detailedAction
KToggleAction * dirsFirstAction
KAction * forwardAction
KAction * homeAction
QPtrStack< KURL > m_backStack
QTextCodec * m_codec
int m_connRetryTime
int m_currentViewKind
QLabel * m_directoryLabel
QLabel * m_endLabel
QLabel * m_fileLabel
KFileView * m_fileView
KHistoryCombo * m_filterCombo
QPtrStack< KURL > m_forwardStack
bool m_guiEnabled
bool m_isConnected
bool m_isLoading
KURL m_lastURL
QDir::SortSpec m_mySorting
QDateTime m_myTime
int m_numOfConnRetry
QWidget * m_partViewerWidget
KComboBox * m_pathCombo
KActionCollection * m_privateActionCollection
KProgress * m_progress
QTimer * m_progressDelayTimer
QPtrList< KAction > m_serviceActionList
QLabel * m_speedLabel
QSplitter * m_splitter
QValueList< int > m_splitterSizes
KActionCollection * m_viewActionCollection
KAction * mkdirAction
KActionMenu * openWithMenu
KAction * reloadAction
KToggleAction * reverseAction
KRadioAction * shortAction
KToggleAction * showHiddenAction
KAction * shredAction
KActionMenu * sortActionMenu
KAction * stopAction
KToggleAction * treeAction
KAction * upAction
KActionMenu * viewActionMenu

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