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void KBearFileSysPart::updateSynchList (  )  [private, slot]

Definition at line 2002 of file kbearfilesyspart.cpp.

References Connection::label(), and slotSynch().

Referenced by slotClearSynch(), and slotNewSynch().

      QPtrList<KAction> actions;
     KConfig config("kbearfilesyspartrc");

      QMap<QString, QString> entries = config.entryMap( normalizeLabel( m_connection.label() ) );

      QMap<QString, QString>::Iterator it;
      for( it = entries.begin(); it != entries.end(); ++it ) {
            kdDebug()<<"KBearFileSysPart::updateSynchList() adding "<<it.data()<<" to synch list"<<endl;
            KAction *action = new KAction( it.data(), 0, this, SLOT(slotSynch()), actionCollection(), it.data().latin1());
      plugActionList("synch_list", actions);

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