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KBearSiteManager Class Reference

#include <kbearsitemanager.h>

Inheritance diagram for KBearSiteManager:

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Detailed Description

Björn Sahlström

Definition at line 38 of file kbearsitemanager.h.

Public Slots

virtual void slotSelectedSite (QListViewItem *item=0L)


void changeGroup (const Group &, const QString &oldName)
void changeSite (const Site &, const QString &oldName)
void importSites (const QString &)
void moveGroup (const Group &group, const QString &newParent)
void moveSite (const Site &site, const QString &newParent)
void newEncoding (const QString &encoding)
void newGroup (const Group &name)
void openConnection (const Site &)
void plugInKonq (bool)
void removeGroup (const Group &)
void removeSite (const Site &)
void saveSite (const Site &)
void selectionCleared ()
void showSystemTray (bool)
void siteSelected (const Site &)
void update ()

Public Member Functions

bool checkModified ()
void clear ()
QString decodePassword (const QString &)
QString encodePassword (const QString &)
Site getCurrentSite ()
bool hasKBearFTP () const
 KBearSiteManager (QWidget *parent, const char *name)
QString promptForGroupName ()
void setSite (const Site &)
virtual ~KBearSiteManager ()

Public Attributes

QCheckBox * anonymousCheck
KPushButton * cancelButton
KPushButton * connectButton
KLineEdit * defaultLocalDirEdit
QLabel * defaultLocalDirLabel
KLineEdit * defaultRemoteDirEdit
QLabel * defaultRemoteDirLabel
QTextEdit * descriptionEdit
QLabel * descriptionLabel
KPushButton * dirButton
QGroupBox * groupBox
KLineEdit * hostNameEdit
QLabel * hostNameLabel
KPushButton * importButton
KPushButton * p_advancedSettingsButton
KComboBox * p_encodingComboBox
QLabel * p_encodingLabel
QCheckBox * p_plugInKonqCheckBox
KIntSpinBox * p_portSpinBox
KComboBox * p_protocolComboBox
QLabel * p_protocolLabel
KPushButton * p_reloadButton
QCheckBox * p_showSystemTrayCheckBox
KLineEdit * passwordEdit
QLabel * passwordLabel
QLabel * portLabel
KPushButton * removeButton
KPushButton * saveButton
KLineEdit * siteEdit
QLabel * siteLabel
KComboBox * userNameEdit
QLabel * userNameLabel

Protected Slots

virtual void accept ()
virtual void languageChange ()
virtual void reject ()
virtual void slotAdvancedSettings ()
virtual void slotConnect ()
virtual void slotContextMenu (KListView *, QListViewItem *item, const QPoint &)
virtual void slotDoubleClicked (QListViewItem *)
virtual void slotItemRenamed (QListViewItem *, const QString &, int)
virtual void slotMoved (const QString &parentPath, const QString &name, QListViewItem *newParent, bool isGroup)
virtual void slotNewGroup ()
virtual void slotOpenImportDialog ()
virtual void slotPressed (QListViewItem *)
virtual void slotRemove ()
virtual void slotSave ()
virtual void slotSelectedProtocol (const QString &)
virtual void slotSetEdited ()
virtual void slotSetEncoding (const QString &)
virtual void slotSetHostEdited ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void closeEvent (QCloseEvent *e)

Protected Attributes

QGridLayout * groupBoxLayout
QGridLayout * KBearSiteManagerBaseLayout
QVBoxLayout * Layout10
QGridLayout * Layout7
QVBoxLayout * Layout7_2
QHBoxLayout * Layout9

Private Member Functions

void setupProtocolCombo ()

Private Attributes

KBearSiteManagerAdvancedDialog * m_advancedDialog
bool m_hasKBearFTP
bool m_isModified
Group m_movedItem
bool m_pendingConnect
Site m_selectedItem


class KBearSiteManagerPlugin

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