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void KBear::applyMixedSettings (  )  [protected]

Definition at line 560 of file kbear.cpp.

Referenced by readProperties(), slotOptionsSettings(), and slotRunWizard().

      QString oldGroup = kapp->config()->group();

      kapp->config()->setGroup( "General" );
      bool sysTrayIcon = kapp->config()->readBoolEntry( "Show System Tray Icon", true);
      slotShowSystemTrayIcon( sysTrayIcon );
      m_queueTransfers = kapp->config()->readBoolEntry( "Queue Transfers", false);
      m_disconnectCommand = kapp->config()->readEntry( "Disconnect Command", "kppp -k" );
      m_sysShutdownWhenDone = kapp->config()->readBoolEntry( "System Shutdown", false );

      kapp->config()->setGroup( oldGroup );

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