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QPopupMenu * KBear::taskBarPopup ( QextMdiChildView pWnd,
bool  bIncludeWindowPopup = false 
) [virtual]

Returns a popup menu filled according to the MDI view state. You can override this method to insert additional entries there. The popup menu is usually popuped when the user clicks with the right mouse button on a taskbar entry. The default entries are: Undock/Dock, Restore/Maximize/Minimize, Close and an empty sub-popup ( windowPopup() ) menu called Operations.

Reimplemented from QextMdiMainFrm.

Definition at line 605 of file kbear.cpp.

References KBearMdiChildView::popupMenu(), and QextMdiMainFrm::taskBarPopup().

      QPopupMenu* menu = QextMdiMainFrm::taskBarPopup( pWnd, bIncludeWindowPopup );
      KBearMdiChildView* view = static_cast<KBearMdiChildView*>(pWnd);
      QPopupMenu* popup = view->popupMenu();
      if( popup ) {
            menu->insertItem( i18n("Operations"), popup );
      return menu;

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