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QextMdiChildArea Class Reference

#include <qextmdichildarea.h>

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Detailed Description

Internal class.

The main frame widget QextMdiMainFrm consists of 2 child widgets. One is this class. It's the widget where the child frames (emulated toplevel MDI views) live in. This class is the manager for the child frame widgets because it controls the Z-order widget stack of QextMdiChildFrm's. It provides all placing and positioning algorithms for docked (attached) MDI views.

QextMdiChildArea doesn't know anything about the actual MDI views. It only knows and manages the frame widgets of attached MDI views. All actions and stuff concerning only to childframes are handled here.

Definition at line 53 of file qextmdichildarea.h.

Public Slots

void cascadeMaximized ()
void cascadeWindows ()
void expandHorizontal ()
void expandVertical ()
void focusTopChild ()
void layoutMinimizedChildren ()
void tileAnodine ()
void tilePragma ()
void tileVertically ()


void lastChildFrmClosed ()
void noMaximizedChildFrmLeft (QextMdiChildFrm *)
void nowMaximized (bool)
void popupWindowMenu (QPoint)
void sysButtonConnectionsMustChange (QextMdiChildFrm *, QextMdiChildFrm *)

Public Member Functions

void destroyChild (QextMdiChildFrm *lpC, bool bFocusTopChild=TRUE)
void destroyChildButNotItsView (QextMdiChildFrm *lpC, bool bFocusTopChild=TRUE)
QPoint getCascadePoint (int indexOfWindow=-1)
int getVisibleChildCount ()
void manageChild (QextMdiChildFrm *lpC, bool bShow=TRUE, bool bCascade=TRUE)
 QextMdiChildArea (QWidget *parent)
void setMdiCaptionActiveBackColor (const QColor &clr)
void setMdiCaptionActiveForeColor (const QColor &clr)
void setMdiCaptionFont (const QFont &fnt)
void setMdiCaptionInactiveBackColor (const QColor &clr)
void setMdiCaptionInactiveForeColor (const QColor &clr)
void setTopChild (QextMdiChildFrm *lpC, bool bSetFocus=FALSE)
QextMdiChildFrmtopChild ()
 ~QextMdiChildArea ()

Public Attributes

QSize m_defaultChildFrmSize
QList< QextMdiChildFrm > * m_pZ

Protected Member Functions

void childMinimized (QextMdiChildFrm *lpC, bool bWasMaximized)
void mousePressEvent (QMouseEvent *e)
virtual void resizeEvent (QResizeEvent *)
void tileAllInternal (int maxWnds)

Protected Attributes

QColor m_captionActiveBackColor
QColor m_captionActiveForeColor
QFont m_captionFont
int m_captionFontLineSpacing
QColor m_captionInactiveBackColor
QColor m_captionInactiveForeColor


class QextMdiChildFrm
class QextMdiChildFrmCaption

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