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void QextMdiMainFrm::windowMenuItemActivated ( int  id  )  [protected, slot]

Usually called when the user clicks an MDI view item in the "Window" menu.

Definition at line 1769 of file qextmdimainfrm.cpp.

References activateView(), QextMdiChildView::isAttached(), QextMdiChildView::isMinimized(), QextMdiChildFrm::m_pClient, QextMdiChildView::minimize(), and QextMdiChildArea::topChild().

Referenced by addWindow(), and removeWindowFromMdi().

   if (id < 100) return;
   id -= 100;
   QextMdiChildView *pView = m_pWinList->at( id);
   if (!pView) return;
   if (pView->isMinimized()) pView->minimize();
   if (m_mdiMode != QextMdi::TabPageMode) {
      QextMdiChildFrm* pTopChild = m_pMdi->topChild();
      if (pTopChild) {
         if ((pView == pTopChild->m_pClient) && pView->isAttached()) {
   activateView( pView);

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