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Site Class Reference

#include <site.h>

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Detailed Description

Björn Sahlström

Definition at line 33 of file site.h.

Public Member Functions

bool anonym () const
bool autoReconnect () const
bool binaryMode () const
Connection connection () const
QString description () const
bool enableLog () const
bool extendedPassiveMode () const
void extract (QDataStream &in)
QString fileSysEncoding () const
QString fireWallAccount () const
QString fireWallHost () const
QString fireWallMacro () const
QString fireWallPass () const
unsigned int fireWallPort () const
unsigned int fireWallType () const
QString fireWallUser () const
QString host () const
void insert (QDataStream &out) const
bool isLocal () const
QString label () const
bool listA () const
QString localPath () const
bool markPartial () const
KIO::MetaData metaData () const
int numOfRetries () const
QString parent () const
QString pass () const
bool passiveMode () const
int port () const
QString protocol () const
bool queue () const
int reconnectTime () const
QString remotePath () const
void setAnonym (bool anonym)
void setAutoReconnect (bool r)
void setBinaryMode (bool binary)
void setDescription (const QString &d)
void setEnableLog (bool log)
void setExtendedPassiveMode (bool e_passive)
void setFileSysEncoding (const QString &e)
void setFireWallAccount (const QString &a)
void setFireWallHost (const QString &h)
void setFireWallMacro (const QString &m)
void setFireWallPass (const QString &p)
void setFireWallPort (unsigned int p)
void setFireWallType (unsigned int t)
void setFireWallUser (const QString &u)
void setHost (const QString &host)
void setLabel (const QString &label)
void setListA (bool a)
void setLocalPath (const QString &localPath)
void setMarkPartial (bool part)
void setMetaData (const KIO::MetaData &)
void setNumOfRetries (int n)
void setParent (const QString &p)
void setPass (const QString &pass)
void setPassiveMode (bool passive)
void setPort (const int &port)
void setProtocol (const QString &protocol)
void setQueue (bool q)
void setReconnectTime (int t)
void setRemotePath (const QString &remotePath)
void setSingleConnection (bool s)
void setUser (const QString &user)
bool singleConnection () const
 Site (const Connection &c)
 Site ()
KURL url () const
QString user () const

Protected Attributes

bool m_anonym
bool m_autoReconnect
bool m_binaryMode
QString m_description
bool m_enableLog
bool m_extendedPassiveMode
QString m_fileSysEncoding
QString m_firewallAccount
QString m_firewallHost
QString m_firewallMacro
QString m_firewallPass
unsigned int m_firewallPort
unsigned int m_firewallType
QString m_firewallUser
QString m_host
QString m_label
bool m_listA
QString m_localPath
bool m_markPartial
int m_numOfRetries
QString m_parent
QString m_pass
bool m_passiveMode
int m_port
QString m_protocol
bool m_queue
int m_reconnectTime
QString m_remotePath
bool m_singleConnection
QString m_user

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